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Written Works

"The Problems With US:

Exploring Aided Dysfunctions within the Black Community"

The Problems With US is so much more than a book that outlines problems that African Americans/ Blacks continuously face and deal with in America. This book was written along the lines of a “self-help” narrative to facilitate reflection, while giving the ability to write and express your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and questions about what was written.

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"Who WE Are"

“Who ‘WE’ Are” focuses on providing information regarding the history of Africans/African Americans and their contribution to the advancement of the United States of America. “Who ‘We’ Are” also visits how past history has impacted the livelihood of African Americans living within America and how past experiences have shaped the way WE view ourselves, our conditions within our communities, and others who may not look like us or share the same experiences. The goal, to stress, is that Africans/African Americans have had many accomplishments throughout history that should always be focused upon and not forgotten. Yes, slavery has played a significant role in the lives of many Africans/African Americans but we cannot stray away or forget the fact that WE are, and our ancestors were, humans who possess(ed) souls and were talented, hard-working, royalty, and most of all, resilient.   

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"For Black Women: Reminders of Your Worth"

Prepare to embark on a poetic journey that celebrates the resilience, strength, and beauty of black women! "For Black Women: Reminders of Your Worth" is a collection of empowering poems that will uplift your spirits and reaffirm your inherent value.

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"Assembling Your Life's Puzzle from Pieces to Peace!" - *Series*

This empowering book series unravels the art of crafting a life filled with purpose. Get ready for a symphony of wisdom, resilience, and peace! Be prepared to own your narrative as your journey to peace begins with the turn of a page.

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In the glittering world of literary success, Jalisa Davis, a talented writer and CEO of "Pen to Print Publishing", finds herself captivated by Andre Morgan, a charming Real Estate Agent. Their love story unfolds like a perfect narrative until dark shadows emerge, revealing Andre's true nature.

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"More Than A Mother"

In Progress

"United WE Stand, Divided WE Fall"

In Progress

"The Skin WE're In"

In Progress

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Ishanae' Pollard, MACJ, MSW, LSW

Ishanaé Pollard holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and is a licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio.

She has worked within many different fields of Social Work, including but not limited to the fields of Child Welfare and Social Services, Chemical Dependency, Foster Care and Adoption, and as a Therapist for Juvenile Offenders and Human Trafficking victims who were in need of mental health and substance abuse treatment.

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