“Hurt People DO NOT Have To Hurt People. That Sh*t Is A Choice” ~John Polo

I truly despise the notion that “hurt people, hurt people” because hurt people do not have to hurt others.  Hurt people CHOOSE to hurt others, and they do so because they do not know how to appropriately deal with the emotional pain they are dealing with. 

Hurting others because you are struggling with the process of healing the emotional pain you have experienced is a nonsensical justification to seek revenge instead of seeking restoration.  It is an excuse and an easy way out!  And it does nothing but repeat a vicious cycle that damages mental clarity and peace. 

Why waste your energy being angry and trying to “get back” and someone for their wrongdoings towards you, when you can exert that energy into healing?!  Life has a funny way of handling itself so allow for that karma to chase those who caused you pain, harm, sadness, etc.  As the old saying goes, “how people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours”!

It just is, what it is!






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